The Start of a Journey

The blog just comes from a simple idea.

I want to write down my thoughts and at least leave some marks for my life. If luckily, someone will see it, and I really want to discuss with them.

The blog is also an accident. My university life was a little bit different just in the beginning. By accident I fell into the world of economics and started like a geek reading lots of journals and books. They fill (or nurture more) my curiosity about the world. I really enjoyed following the authors, thinking about economic problems, proposing proof and solutions, and at last confirming or refuting their conjectures.

It was not an easy beginning. I was usually confused (still a bit now) and found some contradictions with what I learned in the university. I didn’t have a really good performance on my studies, but I still tried to get through it and strike the balance between my studies and my this little special interest.

And now I am in Year 3. I cannot say that I succeed, but at least I begin to have some little intuition about the world I live in. And here is that little intuition.



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